Prof. Leszek S. Czarnecki’s research was focused on explanation and description of physical phenomena that accompany energy transfer in electrical systems and impair this transfer. This was one of the most difficult problems of electrical engineering in the XX century,  with hundreds scientists involved in the quest for its solution and more than thousand papers published. Prof. L.S. Czarnecki solved the problem and developed a Currents’ Physical Components (CPC) – based Power Theory of electrical circuits and systems. This is now the most advanced Power Theory, which describes all physical phenomena in the most complex electrical systems and provides fundamentals for improvement of the effectiveness of the energy transfer in such systems.  The results of this research were published in 164 journal papers and 92 conference proceedings. He presented 78 invited lectures at universities across the world, 14 Key Notes and received 21 patents. For this contribution to electrical engineering, he was elevated to the grade of a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the grade which can be awarded to only one for  thousand IEEE members, at recommendation of five others IEEE Fellows. Prof. Leszek S. Czarnecki was in Poland the second IEEE Fellow, after the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Prof. Janusz Groszkowski.

Prof. Czarnecki wrote the book:

   Powers and compensation in circuits with nonsinusoidal currents (630 pages)

now in printing by Oxford University Press

Table of Contents:

 In 2021 Stanford University listed Prof. Leszek S. Czarnecki at a roster of 2% Best World Faculty

Academic positions:

  • 2006- … Titled Professor of Technological Sciences, granted by the President of the Republic of Poland.
  • 2005- … Distinguished Professor, granted by Louisiana State University.
  • 1999- … Professor of Electrical Engineering, LSU.
  • 1993-1999 Tenured Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, LSU.
  • 1990-1992 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering on tenure track, LSU.
  • 1989-1990 Visiting Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University (LSU).
  • 1987-1989 Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Zielona Gora Univ. of Technology, Poland.
  • 1984-1986 Visiting Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada, Canada.
  • 1969-1984 Assistant Professor at Electrical Engineering Department, Silesian Univ. of Technology.
  • 1963-1968 Assistant lecturer at Electrical Engineering Department, Silesian Univ. of Technology, Poland.
  • 1962-1963 Junior position after graduation, Electric Power Research and Measurement Co., Poland.

Membership in professional organizations:

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE), Life Fellow.
  • Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering, (PTETiS), Foreign Member.
  • The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE), Member.

Citations on the Web of Science (Journals):

  • Number of journal papers: 164
  • Sum of times cited: 2051
  • Average citation per item: 19.38
  • h-index: 22.0

Citations on the Google Scholar (Journals & conferences): 

  • Sum of times cited: 5772
  • h-index: 36
  • i10-index: 82